My name is Cassandra Bateson and I attended Shawnee State University for a four year degree in  Graphic Design. In my time there I was driven to learn everything I could and now, out of school, I continue to try and better myself as well as my design. I strive to bring all of my creative prowess to each and every project I tackle. This is my passion and I enjoy every second. I’m currently trying to learn another program on my own. I have a wide variety of experience and skills already learned though, which I list fully in my resume. In my off time I enjoy video games, reading, hiking, and a host of other things. I feel I draw on all my hobbies for inspiration in one form or another.


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If you would like a more in depth look at my resume feel free to keep reading. I wanted to go a little more into detail in what some of my job roles were and what exactly I did and learned.


Advantech was a two month temporary position. My time there was spent doing a wide variety of projects. I worked on a multitude of photos for their website, from finding the product images to editing and sizing them. I also worked on banners and side ads for products they were promoting on the website. File organization, photo editing/manipulation, and graphic design were all included in the projects I completed whilst working there. 


Lyft was a very temporary position. A team, myself included, got called in to catch them up on their car and driver photos. They have a team for this already but they were around 5000 photos behind so they brought us in to bridge the gap. The group of us were tasked with retouching as many photos as humanly possible in a few days. The retouching was something relatively simple but since we had such a high number of photos to do we kept looking for new ways to get them done quicker. By the end I was exceptionally fast and had changed my technique from what we were all doing in the beginning. We had to adapt quickly and efficiently.

• Rebecca Serotko

Rebecca wanted a logo and assets for her business Touch Reiki and Holistic Services. I talked with her and we came up with a spectrum of things she liked and wanted to see. I sketched pages of logos and let her pick from there. I had her explain a bit of her business to me so I could of elements I could incorporate. For example the color I chose is often representative of a chakra, with has to do with her natural healing. After I had the logo pretty well thought out I had critique and from there we had the finished logo. After that it was relatively simple to finish out the assets for her.

• JoAnna Male

JoAnna was a student who was graduating from the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and she wanted graduation photos. The campus of Pitt has some iconic buildings and she really wanted the photos to capture the character of the campus. We discussed what sort of shots she wanted before hand as well as what locations she might like. I met up with her for a full day of shooting which covered multiple outfits, buildings, and settings. We spent the whole day (and an entire camera battery) shooting all over campus as well as a few photos with staged lighting and indoors.  I ended up with a multitude of photos which I then edited. This shoot was a wonderful learning opportunity and she was great to work with. Since I had so many photos to do I feel like I definitely picked up a better workflow as time went on.

• Dobish Signs and Displays Inc.

I learned an enormous amount while working here. When I started I had no experience working with the programs or machines and I left with such a good understanding. While here I learned Flexi-Sign Pro, laminator machines, vinyl cutters, large format printers, graphic application, installation, applying vehicle graphics, the list goes on. Since this was a full service sign shop I designed these things as well as saw them through all the way through to production and sometimes installing them in the venue as well. At the shop we had a laminator, 2 vinyl cutters, 2 large scale printers and the equipment needed to apply everything. I had to learn how to use every single piece of equipment. They left me alone at the shop on a regular basis, leaving me to balance what projects needed done, phones, customers, and incoming emails. This taught me excellent time management skills seeing as how I often had many projects due but I had to juggle some of these considerations too,

-What projects need designed?

-Which needs to be printed?

-What can I do while one of them is being printed?

– Can I apply one, while the other is printing?

As you can see juggling all of that would be skill, but it was one I enjoyed. I often tried to see how many projects I could knock out in a time frame, without of course, sacrificing quality.

• Stockport Mill Inn

At the Inn I was a front desk clerk. I had to answer phones, clean, make reservations and cater to the hotel guests. This taught me patience and to happily deal with everyone, no matter what.

• Eric Griffiths

Eric had me help design a website he was doing. The client wanted a new webpage and he needed someone to design how it would look. This was the first time I had ever done something like this and I learned a lot. He gave me numerous revisions so  we could make the design the best we could. I also redid the clients logo into a Vector format, the logo they were using previously was a stylized photo.

• Rebecca Serotko

Rebecca was expecting and wanted photos to document that. We did a full day photo shoot, half the day with just her and half with the rest of her family. We did both outdoor locations, of her choosing, as well as an indoor session. Wrangling three people, one of which was a child was an experience all its own. I ended up with numerous photos to edit and a soon to be mother who absolutely loved them.