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My personal design process

I get asked a lot what my process is when designing things, it’s a bit different for every project but I have a procedure I try and go with every time I can. Doing these few key things always helps me achieve a better outcome.

  • Talk to the person in charge of what you’re designing. This seems simple but I like to talk as much as I can with the client to get an idea of what kind of person they are, their likes/dislikes, and what they envision.


  • Keywords. I really like getting keywords that the client wants to use to describe their business. What words do they want to come to mind when people see their logo or design? Do they want strong or delicate? Bright or sophisticated and demure? These things help nail down some of the more fluid points of design for me, perhaps color scheme or style, etc


  • Sketching. Before taking my ideas to the computer I like to sketch as much as I possibly can. This helps me generate more ideas in a short span of time as well as helping me pick a direction. I find my ideas come rapidly and while sketching I’ll often think of one idea based off of a part of another sketch. That sort of snowballing gives me a lot to work with.


  • Mood Board. After I sketch as many possible ideas as I have I like to go online and search general ideas or color schemes. I just use these things to bounce off of and to come up with even more options.


  • After sketching I would pick a few designs that I think are the strongest. I’ll import it into my computer to keep my lines if it’s something complex and I think my hand drawn sketch would be better. If not and the idea I had is more important than the lines I drew I’ll just start fresh.


  • After getting the design laid out I like to start playing with placement and maybe at this point I’ll switch some things about. I also start to dabble in colors. This may yield a color scheme I love or things I know I’d like to stay away from.


  • After that step it generally just become revisions. I like to get as much feedback as possible (from as many people as possible) so I can tweak the design to be the best it can be.

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Sorry for being so silent lately but I have been working on numerous things! I have moved to California since my last update, gotten a few small freelance jobs and am working on numerous projects. Shirt designs and Youtube videos are just two of the things I’ll be pulling out of my sleeve shortly, so stay tuned! 2015 is going to a year full of amazing things. I can feel it!


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Business Logos in the works

I just got some new work from a previous client so be on the watch for new things to pop up! She has her own business’ and would like logos and maybe some promotional material so I’m currently working on getting sketches done for that. So many good ideas keep surfacing I’m carrying my sketchbook with me everywhere so I don’t forget. I’m pretty exited to sit down and flesh everything out!


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This is just a little something I’ve been working on. I wanted to see how much detail and everything I could put into this which is why it’s taking so long. Every stroke you see is a very fine ‘hair’ brush tool.

Program: Photoshop

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Officially a Graphic Artist!

Hello all! I just wanted to report in with the biggest news I’ve had in a while! Since you last checked in on this little website I have moved out of state, gotten my own little cozy apartment, and started a full time job as a graphic artist for a sign company. The job is amazing! I’m doing something different every day and I get to go through the entire design process from concept and design, to printing, to seeing it full size on a sign, car, banner etc. It’s so neat to see what you designed on the computer fully realized into a tangible thing instead of just something on the screen.


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I rather enjoy posting updates on here (and it motivates me more if I show them to someone!) so here is the winner out of my sketches for a personal logo. This is just the basis, I’m still working on letterhead, business cards, colors, and all that. I really enjoy the form and lines in this though, so I can’t wait to see what all I come up with. Stay tuned for more updates!




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Works in progress

I haven’t posted in a while, but don’t worry! I haven’t dropped off of the planet just yet! I’ve been busy with work and things but I’ve got some fun stuff coming. Works in progress currently include my personal logo, business cards and the like, as well as a logo for a fictional dog groomer. The idea for the dog groomers came to me while watching the dog show after the Macy’s Day Parade. I think you guys will end up liking it, my sketches have me excited to get it in digital format. Many, many more ideas incoming so keep checking back!

-Cajo Design

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There aren’t a whole lot of pictures of me on my site so I thought I’d add one. My friend Rose took this, she is a lovely girl and a wonderful photographer.



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First Design Gig!

I am beyond happy! I finally got my first paying graphic design job. It’s a one time thing (for right now) for a local hotel who wanted a new business card. Keep checking back, I’ll be posting the finished design soon! Also, I’ve got two photography shoots lined up! Things are certainly looking up, and from the comments I got on my very first legit photo shoot (maternity) I’ll have more photo shoots to do soon! Wish me luck!


Cajo Design

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Hello world!

Hi there! I will be using this as my portfolio. So please feel free to look at my work!




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